Autumnwood designed, built, finished and installed a large entertainment and library furniture piece for our Master bedroom. Paul came to the house no less than three times for measurements, consultations and signoff on stain and plans. After visiting his shop it was clear that Paul is not only a professional, but really cares about the quality and finish of his work. He took great care to ensure the right fit and scale for the room, but also to ensure placement and design were optimal. The stain matching was also superb. In every case Paul delivered what he said he would, and exactly when he promised to deliver it – be it plans, stain review or finished product. This process was excellent from start to finish – and made what often seems daunting (“custom”) very manageable and enjoyable. After having endured traditional furniture shopping for the piece Paul ultimately made for us, I can readily say that if I need something that Paul can build, I will go there first because I know it will be priced fairly and built to last.— K.B.