Custom Built-ins by Autumnwood Designs

Autumnwood Designs handcrafts custom built-ins for homeowners in the greater Charlotte, NC area.

The ideal customer wants to invest in their home, especially living and working areas, and make them even more beautiful and functional. Today, our construction technique and commitment to quality materials stems from the legacy of this company, founded decades ago by designers ad artisan builders.

Environmentally Conscious

At Autumnwood Designs, we use an environmentally conscious finishing process. Only water-based finishes and stains containing low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are used. These finishes are more environmentally friendly and better for you and your family. In addition, we build with only high-quality, CARB certified wood products. We do not use particle board or synthetic products like melamine. Our entire construction process is designed to be non-toxic.


Do you do kitchens and baths?
We can, but it’s not our sweet spot; we leave those to other cabinet makers while we focus on built-ins.
What does “factory finish” mean?
You will never see a brush stroke on your painted or stained piece, instead, the finish will be as smooth as glass.
Do you have a showroom?
Yes, we do! Located at 4804 Starcrest Drive in Indian Trail, NC, our showroom allows you to touch and see our work.
What’s your turnaround time?
Our turnaround time averages 18-20 weeks: that’s the time between signing an Agreement (when clients also make their initial deposit) and installation.
What kind of wood do you use?
We use plywood of Aspen or Poplar wrapped in a maple veneer. All of our exteriors have a raw, maple veneer while our interiors are pre-finished maple.

What does “hand-crafted” mean?
Like it sounds, our builders, finishers, and installers touch every piece of wood that makes up your piece as they meticulously cut, assemble, finish, and install your built-in.
What are your most popular installations?
Autumnwood Designs most popular installations are home offices, entertainment centers and libraries/bookshelves. Other popular projects include dry bars, mantels, cabinets and shelves in niches on either side of a fireplace, laundry rooms and drop zones.
Where is your production facility?
In the same building as our showroom, located at 4804 Starcrest Drive in Indian Trail, NC. This is where we design, engineer, build, and finish all at Autumnwood’s headquarters in the heart of the Carolinas.
What does “custom-built” mean?
It means we design, engineer, manufacture, finish and install your built-in according to the specifications and conditions of your space. In other words, your piece will fit only your unique space, according to your desires and specifications.
Do you use low VOC paints and stains?
We are absolutely committed to minimizing the negative impact of our materials on the environment, so we use only water-based stains and paints which have half the VOC levels of typical solvent-based products.
Do you use MDF (medium density fiberboard) in your construction?
The only instances of MDF in our construction are counter/desktops and some crown molding applications. The reason we use it for our tops is because it does not telegraph when stain and/or paint is applied.If your tops are being stained or painted, the MDF is wrapped in a maple veneer. If you choose a laminate top, we apply the laminate directly to the MDF.
How long has Autumnwood been in business?
In the Charlotte area for 20 years, but Autumnwood’s earlier iteration was in Florida where it flourished for 35 years. Collectively, Autumnwood’s team brings more than a century of experience to the table; we’ve designed and built thousands of projects for clients up and down the east coast.